The Grazerite Gazette

Newsletter of the USS Jaresh-Inyo

NCC 74922 

Prometheus Tactical Cruiser

SFI - Region 12

Volume # 1 Issue # 3

May-June 2010

USS Jaresh-Inyo is a Paragould, Arkansas based chapter of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.  With a Star Trek theme, we are a science fiction fan club.

Jaresh-Inyo is a correspondence based chapter of STARFLEET assigned to Region 12 encompassing Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  We were commissioned on Stardate 2009.256.

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USS Jaresh-Inyo


Captain Glenna M. Juilfs

Date 31 August 2010


The Grazerite Gazette  is the chapter newsletter of the USS Jaresh-Inyo NCC 74922, a chapter of Starfleet International, a non-profit fan organization.  All rights and privileges to the terms STAR TREK and all images / references to same are exclusively owned by Paramount Pictures Corp. Likewise, all rights & privileges to the terms and all images & references to STAR WARS (Lucas Film), Dr.Who (BBC), or other programs not specifically named, are exclusively owned by those companies.  This newsletter is not intended to infringe on any copyrights or legal holdings of the writers, producers, Production Company, or others with claims to the programs / images, nor to make profit from them.  

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"Excused absence" <LOL>

Gary Hollifield Jr "is at school. ... and that covers my status for a while."

Greetings everyone, and welcome to our first edition of the Grazerite Gazette. The first edition of our newsletter with a name! Now that we have a name, I am hoping that we can make our newsletter even better and continue to produce good quality material.

Did you ever have a dream that you wanted to pursue in your life? Something that fills you with passion, and the drive to see that dream fulfilled no matter what? This can anything in a person's life, whether it be a paying profession, to a hobby that we enjoy. I was thinking of my dream in the Star Trek world lately. I was sitting and reading of the "The Golden Bird," Gene Roddenbery. It always amazes me in reading of all of the passion that Gene had in getting his writing and work submitted and approved for the various shows that he work on during his career. he would not give up on his ideas and dreams for writing good, quality scripts for the shows he worked on.

What if Gene had let the producers and the head office stop him in his quest of making the Original Star Trek? What if he did not have the confidence in himself, the fortitude and the vision to see beyond his circumstances in his life. The answer is very simple. STARFLEET would not exist, and we of the USS Jaresh-Inyo would not be gathered together together as ship within STARFLEET. To me, that is a sobering though. Many of us at times take the vision of Gene and even take Star Trek for granted. I do that at times, as it has I have been a Star Trek fan most of my life.

Are you wondering where this is all going? Well, in addition to thinking of "The Golden Bird," I have been thinking of myself and each of you, the crew of the USS Jaresh-Inyo. I know for myself, my goal is to improve my service to each of you as the Executive Officer of our ship. I know without being told that I have a long way to go in this desire. I am working on this, as I want to be the best XO I can be for you.

The other vision I have, like our CO, and other members of the ship is make the Jaresh-Inyo the finest ship in the 'Fleet. I know that the dreaded RL, real life often gets in our way of doing this at times. Work and career, family obligations, illness, and many other factors enter in to being a member of this crew. Real things that need to be dealt with. For some of us, these things often take away from ability to pursue our roles on the Jaresh-Inyo. I understand this and it is a fact of life.

Still, for many of us, the ability to be active on the Jaresh-Inyo does exist. Take our newsletter for example. It takes submissions and contributions for each issue to make the newsletter grow. Want to see stories, art, pictures, poetry, things related to Trekdom? Well, that is what the newsletter is for. An avenue for all of us to share what we have to offer for the ship and each other. Why not use this avenue to join together and show what each of us has been doing in our lives? The newsletter is for all aspects of our lives. Share with us about what is going on in your life. We really want to know!!!

Crew members of all types are on the Jaresh-Inyo. So much talent and ability among us. I envision where we write and communicate on a regular basis, use the newsletter and the 2 list servs that we have. I really do hope that each of you fully understand that each of you are important to the crew and to our ship!!! If you haven't been as active as you would like, join us, jump in and let's talk, share and get to know each other as we explore the galaxy before us!


Please welcome SGT Kerry M.Furr to the USS Jaresh-Inyo! Kerry is a former USMC veteran who was a Scout Sniper while in the USMC. His knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to the Marine Strike Group has been invaluable. We are very fortunate to have Kerry join us. Welcome Kerry!

We are also getting another new member from England. Tim Scarrott will be joining us as soon as his membership is processed. Tim will also be joining the MSG, as a Marine. We welcome Tim in advance and look forward to his service aboard the Jaresh-Inyo!

I would like to remind all Department and Vice Department Heads that we of the Command Staff need your monthly reports by the end of each month. Please send these to our CO, BGEN Gary "Tiny" Hollifield, Jr., myself, or place the reports o the Jaresh-Inyo list. Your reports allow the Command Staff to know what is going on within your department. We need to know if there are needs or concerns, as well as the progress being made in department. Remember also that you can write a report for the newsletter as well. Thanks!

Things in the Science Department have slowed a bit in terms of news article submissions, but that will begin to pick-up as MCPO Robert Towne and I regroup and begin submitting more in July. As the CSO, I am always interested in what you the crew think of the science articles that are submitted to the Jaresh-Inyo list? Both Robert and I try to submit material that is interesting and hopefully will educate in the process. Still, trying to know what to share with you is difficult at times. so, I am asking for input from you on what science articles and news you read off the list. What topics would you like to see? What areas of science interests you? How can we better serve you as readers? Please let me know on the list or directly via e-mail what you would like to see! My e-mail for the sciences is 

Robert and I will begin to reach out in July. I have had the idea of contacting the other Science Departments throughout Region 12. Illness on my part delayed this project for some time. Now though I am working on the contact information for each ship in the R12 fleet. Once that is done, we will venture out and see if we can get a response from all of the the Science Department CSO's and science personnel.

Our goal is not to merely make contact, but to open a working dialog and relationship with the other science members in our region. This project will hopefully give Region 12 a 'network' of science information and combined knowledge that can shared with all of the ships. For those not in the R12 science community, we hope to bring science to you in a 'user-friendly' format. In other words, science is not just for us "science geeks," as out beloved CO refers to us. Science is fun and we want to share!

I am involved in a similar program, the STAR Program. This program, which I will say more about later is 'Fleet wide throughout STARFLEET. The purpose is the same, to expand ones knowledge and appreciation of the Sciences. The Senior Staff of R12 has chosen me to act as the R12 Liaison for starting R12 very own STAR program, based off the Fleet's program. This is part of the reason I wish to build a network of scientists in our region. So we can build this program in the near future.

"Warriors Of Justice"


The Warriors of Justice have been on the move during our last newsletter edition. As stated in the XO report, we welcome two new Marines to the unit. Kerry M. Furr and Tim Scarrott. Kerry is employed as a full-time Correction Officer and a full-time student at the University of Arkansas. He is pursuing double degrees in Mass Communications (public relations) and International Business. In addition, Kerry is involved in several areas of community service in his area. Now, he has joined the MSG unit and plans to work his way up through the rank structure and become an officer in the future. He is currently taking SFA/SFMCA courses as well. Way to go Kerry!

I would like to take this moment to ask that you keep two of our own Marines in your thoughts and prayers. MGEN Valerie J. Rose is still having foot problems from her surgery. The foot is swollen and painful, and difficult to walk on without the use of a special boot. 2LT Shelley Martin has been very ill with a bad viral infection for the past several weeks and was in the hospital for a short time. She now on medication and resting under orders from her OIC. Also, her mom (mum) was rushed to the hospital just a short while ago for emergency surgery. Please keep these three in your thoughts! 
If there are any others that we could be thinking about, please contact me.

I would like to remind all marines that your reading list for the MARINE READING CHALLENGE is due by the end of July. A date for your lists will be sent out later in July. For those not in the know...I collect books and audio books read and listened to and submit them to the 12th BDE OIC each reporting period. This would mean for the months of June/July. I would encourage ALL Marines to become involved in this challenge. I know you read, so why not enter the challenge? Any book or audio book is fair game. Here is an opportunity to show the 12th BDE that we are Reading Warriors! There is a reading challenge list form on the WOJ list page, in the document section. Any questions, please contact me.

Three of unit's finest have been doing quite well of late in taking courses from the SFA/SFMCA. These are: BGEN "Tiny" Hollifield, Jr., COL Christina Doane, and 2LT Shelley Martin. 

  • BGEN Hollifield has taken several courses in Maritime Operations, Professional Development, and Xeno-Jem Hadar and others. I make no slight to BGEN Hollifield, but his accomplishments would double this report. Safe to say that he is doing quite well in his course work. I wish him well in his work as his computer is repaired in the near future.
  • COL Doane has been doing quite well in her her own right. She has taken SU-20, PD-12, OD-15, and other courses. These courses listed for these there marines are for June only. COL Doane is currently taking additional courses.
  • 2LT Martin has taken PD-12 and PD-12 I am sure once she is feeling better, she will be back on the attack in her course work!


  • BGEN Gary "Tiny" Hollifield Jr.: Initial Entry Training
  • COL Christina Doane: Initial Entry Training, Marine Proficency
  • 2LT Shelley Martin: Initial Entry Training, Marine Proficiency

    Congratulations to the these three Marines! I would like to hear about any other marines taking courses through the SFMCA, please send your to me.

    That last thing I wanted to mention is that I would encourage all Marines to use the Warriors of Justice and the Jaresh-Inyo list servs. And that goes for the Naval personnel as well. Want to know what the Marines are up to? Feel free to drop in and see what is going on. Have a comment or question, leave on one or the other(or both). The lists are for everyone on the ship, we will cross post as much as possible. Need the web sites:

    JI list serv:
    WOJ list serv:

    Everyone is welcomed on BOTH lists, and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Marines, stand down,
    LTC Patrick Litton
    OIC 212th

    SFMC Book Reading Challenge Format (212th MSG Unit Form 1): 
    Rank and Name:
    Starfleet Member Number:
    Marine Unit Position and Unit Number:
    Month(s) and Year of SFMC Reading Challenge:
    Note: In case of audio book, number of pages are still to be listed.
    Book Title
    Number of Pages

Hurray!!!! We finally have a name for the newsletter, The Grazerite Gazrtte. For those who don't understand the connection: Federation President Jaresh-Inyo, for whom the ship is named, is a Grazerite.

Folks are sending me photos and articles. Looks like we are actually starting to "get it together" for the newsletter. Thanks to everyone who submitted something.


Put an End to Negativity
by Jane Powell

“Awareness is the power you need to take control.”

Throughout each day you’re constantly talking to yourself. It’s completely normal. We all do it. In fact we do it so much that our subconscious mind accepts what we say as truth. This acceptance forms the beliefs that we have of ourselves, and how we perceive that others see us.

If your self-talk is negative, your beliefs about yourself will be also. On the flip side, if your self-talk is positive and self-empowering, so is the image and the beliefs you have of yourself.

Take time today and tune in to how you’re speaking to yourself. Identify precisely what beliefs you’re forming based on your self-talk and bring them to your conscious mind. Question them, scrutinize them, and become familiar with what are they telling you.

The awareness gained by doing this is the first major step toward an empowerment that will affect everything in your life!

If you wish to be successful, help others to be successful. If you wish to help others to be successful, be successful yourself.
Success does not occur in a vacuum. Success is most reliably created in a successful environment.

One person's achievement does not prevent or detract from anyone else's opportunity to achieve. Quite to the contrary, every achievement creates more possibilities for all to achieve.

There's no reason to feel guilty for having achieved more, and there's no reason to feel envious for having less. Instead, be inspired by every achievement you see, and be inspiring in your own creative efforts.

Envision, create and achieve in your unique way. Encourage and celebrate the work of others who seek to do the same.

Success is not built on envy or resentment or punishment or guilt. Success is built upon success, so let the building begin.

Ralph Marston



Easy is to get a place in someone's address book.
Difficult is to get a place in someone's heart.

Easy is to judge the mistakes of others
Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes.

Easy is to talk without thinking
Difficult is to refrain the tongue.

Easy is to hurt someone who loves us.
Difficult is to heal the wound.

Easy is to forgive others
Difficult is to ask for forgiveness.

Easy is to set rules
Difficult is to follow them.

Easy is to dream every night
Difficult is to fight for a dream.

Easy is to show victory
Difficult is to assume defeat with dignity.

Easy is to admire a full moon
Difficult to see the other side.

Easy is to stumble with a stone
Difficult is to get up.

Easy is to enjoy life every day
Difficult to give its real value.

Easy is to promise something to someone
Difficult is to fulfill that promise.

Easy is to say we love
Difficult is to show it every day.

Easy is to criticize others
Difficult is to improve oneself.

Easy is to make mistakes
Difficult is to learn from them.

Easy is to weep for a lost love
Difficult is to take care of it so not to lose it.

Easy is to think about improving
Difficult is to stop thinking it
And put it into action.

Easy is to think bad of others
Difficult is to give them
The benefit of the doubt.

Easy is to receive
Difficult is to give.

Easy to read this
Difficult to follow.

Easy is keep the friendship with words
Difficult is to keep it with meanings.


" Morning Coffee"
Created, and maintained
Copyright © 1996 -2010
" Morning Coffee" all rights reserved.


Not much to report this month. Work has slowed down on the website as I have been busy with college classes. There are a few things I do want to add including a page for our Marines. I also would like to get a hold of a crew roster with rank, name, department assigned, and position held for the crew roster page. I am also open to any inputs that the crew has regarding additional information or pages they would like to see on our site.

CompOps is a lonely department but I am managing. I was thinking about a certificate to be generated when a crew member is promoted (I think that would be nice). Would appreciate input and comments on this or any other computer based items we would like to generate.

Personally not much going on with me. I have received orders to VAW 134 in Whidbey Island, WA (don’t know if I mentioned that previously). I detach from Ohio on 22 Jul and will report 13 Aug. This is my final Navy duty assignment before my retirement on 31 Mar 2012. 

That is all that is happening in the world of CompOps for the month of May.

LTjg Richard McCreery

Chief of Computer Operations

USS Jaresh-Inyo 

  Lazer Tag April 2010 Report

Captain Christina Doane
Executive Protection Detail
DOIC 212th

It was an epic day, a day of heroes, a day of earth shattering importance to the human race...ok so it was a day where a bunch of Star Trek fans got together to shoot beams of light at each other and hit a small ball into a little, round hole. But still epic in it's own right *smile*. Members of the Starfleet International Chapter USS Jaresh-Inyo, Maquis Forces Starbase Kalamazoo, independent Starfleet Chapter USS El Paso, and the Maquis Forces Ship Liberty gathered in Kalamazoo, Michigan on April 16 2010.

The Mini-Golf was a great, legendary battle against physics as we fought against curves, trajectory, force, and distance. Physics had an unfortunately good showing and there was no pity in regards to the claims that the mini-golf clubs needed to be realigned. As for Starfleet and Maquis, funny enough it was a tie. Marine Captain Drake Etter of the Maquis Forces Starbase Kalamazoo and the Commanding Officer of the USS El Paso, Lt Commander Scott Bennett tied for first place, with everyone else being 1-3 strokes ahead. Note: with golf the lowest score is best. Yes competition was fierce but these two fine Star Trek Fans took on physics and still came out ahead. Well Done!

 [picture in next issue] 

The best part however came when we entered the Lazer Rag arena. We were not able to take pictures inside but this picture from the website of Lazerland (where we played) will give an idea of the layout. 

We entered dark maze, with neon lights and music, in short perfect for some 'phaser practice' type chaos *grin*. The only things on our teammates we could see clearly at any distance, was the neon color of their team. All I can say is, thankfully friendly fire didn't count because of the chaos it happened more often then one might think. In the heat of the moment it was all to easy for newer personnel to pull the trigger on everything that moved. Also one had to keep moving or risk becoming a target not only by the enemy team but by the random electronic spots in the maze that would take potshots as well. This meant that players were running all over sometimes bouncing off the walls and each other as they tried to take out everyone they could see without being hit themselves. More then once two teammates would bump into each other, level their 'phasers' only to mutter “Sorry” and move on.

It wasn't all chaos though, teams learned early that there was safety in numbers. It was not a pleasant surprise for me to run into an alcove only to find a member of the enemy team crouching there. The next 3 alcoves held other members of the same team. However, this was not the only time a player ran into a gauntlet of doom. At one point there was another random factor thrown in as it was felt that the combat conditions were not nearly chaotic enough, 3 Cardassians in the disguise of athletic college students were tossed in as a third team. They were definitely members of the Obsidian Order as they ninja'd their way through the course. Fast and dangerous, they quickly became the common enemy through an unspoken agreement. As the Starfleet team members and Maquis team members were more likely to fire that them then each other given a choice. Just goes to show the enemy of my enemy is my friend at least until enemy 'A' is out of the picture *evil grin*.

All in all, the Maquis team won a game and the Starfleet team won a game, another tie! The top three personal scores were held by Marine Captain Drake Etter (MSS Kalamazoo) with 4,750 points, second place to Colonel Christina Doane (USS Jaresh-Inyo/MFS Liberty) with 4,200 and CO Scott Bennett (USS El Paso) with 3,125 points. 

So what did all this mean? Well everyone had a lot of fun and that's the most important part. And of course no event would be complete without dinner at an asian buffet next to a gaming store *grin*. It was an exhausting but great time and the USS El Paso Commanding Officer has already offered to research another Lazer Tag location so that we might do this again sometime. I gotta practice *huge grin* until next time, 

Christina Doane, Colonel
Executive Protection Detail Commander
DOIC 212th, USS Jaresh-Inyo, SFI.

 [picture in next issue] 

[Editor's Notes: 

P.S. from Col. Doane: At the time of the event, the CO of the USS El Paso, reports they were still a shuttle in SFI, they've since lapsed in membership so are independent now.

Pictures for this article will appear in the next issue due to problems with Col. Doane's computer]

New Staff Positions
CMDR Patrick Litton
Executive Officer

I wanted to announce two new staff positions on the USS Jaresh-Inyo.

The first is the Cadet Program Officer under the command of BGEN Gary "Tiny" Hollifield, Jr. Yes, our beloved CO has another duty. In this position, Gary will work closely with the cadets on the ship, in helping with guidance in their STARFLEET duties, and other matters, and make sure they are getting the help they need in keeping up with what is happening on the ship.

The second position is the Professional Development Officer, under the command of 2LT 

Shelley Martin. One of our newest members, Shelley will be working to ensure that the adults on the ship get help with guidance on courses to take that would help in their careers, keeping tabs on promotions, contacting members and checking on their status and well-being. These are examples of her duties geared to help crew members if help is needed.

These positions are being finalized now, and more information will be posted the new positions are integrated in the ship's duty roster. Thank-you Gary and Shelley for taking on this important work.

President of the United Federation of Planets

Jaresh-Inyo (c. 2372)

In 2372, the post was held by Jaresh-Inyo, a Grazerite. His presidency was marked by a number of troubling foreign and domestic policy developments, including the dissolution of the Khitomer Accords and an undeclared war with the Klingon Empire in 2372, increasing tensions with the Dominion, and the rise of the Maquis. 

In 2372, fears of Changeling infiltration of the Federation government reached a high point when Dominion agents were discovered to have detonated a bomb at a diplomatic conference between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire in Antwerp. Starfleet Admiral and Chief of Starfleet Operations Leyton and Captain Benjamin Sisko advocated increased security on Earth following the bombing, and when the planetary power grid was disabled, Inyo declared martial law on the capital planet. Later, it was discovered that the grid had been disabled by Leyton's own agents, and that Leyton was leading an attempted military coup d'etat against the Federation civilian government. Leyton's coup was thwarted by Sisko, but as a result of the scandal, Jaresh-Inyo's political career ended. (DS9: "Homefront", "Paradise Lost") 

Jaresh-Inyo left office sometime prior to 2375. While questioning Luther Sloan, Julian Bashir discovered that Section 31 had an operative working in Jaresh-Inyo's cabinet. (DS9: "Extreme Measures") 

The novel Articles of the Federation establishes that Jaresh-Inyo died in May of 2380, being remembered as a great "peace-time president" being credited with the expansion of civil rights for sentient beings, and the opening of diplomatic relations with the Children of Tama, but not one suited for the job when war with the Dominion became inevitable.


Commanding Officer
BGN Gary Hollifield, Jr.

Executive Officer/Chief Science Officer
CMDR/LTC Patrick Litton

Chief Medical Officer
CAPT Samuel Cummings

Second Officer/Chief of Operations
LCDR Cory Whorton

Chief of Security
LT Jonathon Neale
Cadet Corps Commandant
COL Gary Hollifield, Sr.

Morale Officer
FCPT James Whatley

Chief of Communications/Counselor
CAPT/COL Glenna M. Juilfs

Chief of Engineering
RADM Valerie Rose

Chief of Computer Operations
LTjg Richard McCreery

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