The Grazerite Gazette

Newsletter of the USS Jaresh-Inyo

NCC 74922 

Prometheus Tactical Cruiser

SFI - Region 12

Volume # 1 Issue # 4

July-August 2010

USS Jaresh-Inyo is a Paragould, Arkansas based chapter of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.  With a Star Trek theme, we are a science fiction fan club.

Jaresh-Inyo is a correspondence based chapter of STARFLEET assigned to Region 12 encompassing Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  We were commissioned on Stardate 2009.256.

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USS Jaresh-Inyo


Captain Glenna M. Juilfs

Date 31 October 2010


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Wow, a lot has happened since the last time I sat down to write something for the newsletter. I hope I can remember everything!

First of all, I want to welcome Commander Cory Whorton to the Executive Officer billet. He and I have spoken at length and I am truly excited to see where Cory's numerous talents, enthusiasm, zeal, and drive take us over the next few years (yes Cory, you will be around that long). I want to thank Commander Patrick Litton for his dedicated and unwavering service over the past year as the Jaresh-Inyo's first Exec. He is part of the reason as to why we are such a large and expansive chapter! Commander Litton will still serve the JI as Chief of Sciences and MSG OIC and I am very anticipatory to see where he will take us in those divisions.

Second, I want to take a moment and welcome Captain Glenna Juilfs to the billet of Second Officer. She will be working in tandem with me and Cory to make sure that you, the member, have all of your needs met and that you are truly enjoying your time aboard the JI. This is, after all, your chapter my friend. If you have any questions, please never hesitate to contact us. I will include everyone's email at the end of this article.

I want to send a big thanks out to Lieutenant (jg) Richard McCreery, our very own Chief of Computer Operations. He has been working on the website (www.ussjaresh-inyo) as he can and I must say, I am quite pleased with its progress thus far. If you have any ideas for the website, pass them along to Lieutenant McCreery at (I want one of these vanity email addresses too!).

The major thing I am VERY pleased to announce is that by the time you are reading this, we should actually be a commissioned chapter! That's right! We survived, we grew, and we learned over the past year working side by side. We had some ups and downs but all in all, we came through! To all of the charter members, have pride in your achievement! We are the largest chapter in the entire region and fifth largest in the entire organization! I am honored that you chose this chapter to make your own. I look for awesome things to come!

There are several ways to contact anyone in the command division. We do have a facebook page (thanks to Colonel Kevin Cozart) available at!/group.php?gid=406673425371&ref=ts. We also have our website as mentioned above. I will list the emails at the end of this article.

Some folks have came up to me (not literally) and asked how could they advance in the ranks and contribute more to the chapter. If you are assigned the rank of Midshipman right now, you have not taken Officer's Training School (OTS) from the STARFLEET Academy (SFA). The documents you need are all online in an electronic format for you to easily download located at under the Membership Materials tab. OTS can easily be taken online at whenever you are ready. Please note that this system is automated and you will receive a score immediately but your score will not be entered in the database immediately. This still has to be done manually by the director. You then have the option of being a commissioned officer and taking the grade of Ensign or pursuing the enlisted pathway and taking the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class. Once you take Officer's Command College you will advance one more grade/rank (Ensign 1st Class or Petty Officer 2nd Class). Also, submit articles to the newsletter and join in on the discussions on the list. I take notice of all of these actions.

Also, my division chiefs make mention to me and Cory whenever they feel someone under their command is doing a good job versus an exceptional job. This earns an advancement after enough time has passed too. Once you reach the rank of Commander, it is regional policy to have that rank for at least a year before you can be considered for Captaincy; oh yes, you can attain the rank of Captain and not have to command a starship!

Anyway, if you have any questions, never be afraid to contact me or my command staff. We are always willing to help to the fullest extent we can.

Until next time,
Hollifield out.

CO: BGN Gary Hollifield, Jr. 870.450.8049
XO: CMDR Cory Whorton
Second Officer: CAPT Glenna Juilfs
Third Officer: RADM Valerie Rose

Crew! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the crew and the captain for the chance to serve as your first officer. I want the crew to know anything I can do for my door is always open. We have been working on the Crew Rosters and Databases for the ship and I'm happy to say that we do have a new crew roster and if you did not get one please email me and I will send you a copy. We are also working on a way to notify our crewmembers when their membership is about to expire and we hope to have this in place by next month. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you and answer any questions you might have. I also wanted to point out that we still do not have a logo so please start to think about this.
Best Wishes,
Cory Whorton
XO- USS Jaresh-Inyo


I would like to remind all marines that your reading list for the MARINE READING CHALLENGE is due by the end of the month (January, March, May, July, September, November). For those not in the know...I collect books and audio books read and listened to and submit them to the 12th BDE OIC each reporting period. This would mean for the months of February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November, December/January. I would encourage ALL Marines to become involved in this challenge. I know you read, so why not enter the challenge? Any book or audio book is fair game. Here is an opportunity to show the 12th BDE that we are Reading Warriors! There is a reading challenge list form on the WOJ list page, in the document section. Any questions, please contact me.

I am working on a roster of all members. If you have an MOS please let me know.
Also please email me privately a good email to reach you if we don't already have it and a phone number (if you wish to share and converse occasionally via phone).
This roster (the full version of which will only be viewed by myself, Patrick, the Chapter CO and XO), will include, name, rank, contact info, MOS Quals, Unit Position and expiration dates.
Christina Doane, Col.
DOIC 212th.


Congratulations to those who were promoted and welcome aboard to all new members. Everyone is encouraged to submit an article to the newsletter. It can be anything from a report, appointment or promotion within a department, activities, fiction, AER, etc. The newsletter is only as good as YOU make it, so please contribute.

End the Fight with Distractions
by Jane Powell on September 3, 2010
ďLife is full of distractions.Ē

Does it seem like something or someone is always trying to steer you off track? You have a point of focus, an objective, or destination, then something comes along that captures your attention and points you in an entirely different direction.

Of course a certain amount of distraction canít be avoided. The good news is there is something you can do to deal with these diversions and get back to being productive. The best solution is to simply accept them as inevitable, give them the attention they deserve, and then get back to the task at hand as quickly as possible.

Donít let distractions upset you or derail your best intentions.  Remember that an emotional reaction is likely to cost you far more time and energy than the distraction itself.

Life is a Game

Life is a game of cards.
You did not invent the game, Nor did you frame the rules.
You have no control over the cards dealt to you.
But you are there to play.
A good player, even with a bad hand of cards, will play well and emerge a winner.
A bad player, even with the best of cards, will play badly and lose.

You know what you must do. And yet how do you get yourself to do it?
Again and again, remind yourself why. With a strong enough reason why, you will be able to do anything at any time in any circumstance.

If you're tempted to put off a task until later, remind yourself why you truly want to get it done. Put a powerful why behind it, and you'll find a way to do it now.

Real achievement demands many consistent, focused efforts spread over long periods of time. The way to keep it up is to keep it meaningful.

Give your long-term intentions the opportunity to dispel the short-term, momentary urges. With a clear, solid purpose firmly in mind, you'll stay reliably on track.

Whatever you choose to imagine can happen for you. Constantly give your goals a sincere reason why, and you'll bring them steadily to life.

Ralph Marston



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Engineering has been very quiet, and that I would like it very much if all the members of this section would make an effort and contact me, and do a project for Engineering - blueprints, a story, anything.

Ens. James Hook has been named as Engineering Specialist in small craft repair - such as shuttles, fighters, etc

- Valerie J. Rose
Chief of Engineering


Let all who see these presents, welcome.

24 August 2010

For having taken and successfully completing all prescribed courses of study within Officer's Training School, I hereby promote Christopher Smith to the rank of ENSIGN with all rights and responsibilities due said grade.

Mister Tim Scarrot is has been afforded the rank of MIDSHIPMAN until such time as he chooses the officer or enlisted career path.

Congratulations, gentlemen, and in the words of the STARFLEET Marine Corps...HOOYAH!

Ensign Tim Reklau, for your unwavering service, dedication, support, and enthusiasm for the USS Jaresh-Inyo and Region Twelve, it gives me great pleasure to promote you to Ensign First Class with all rights and responsibilities afforded such a grade. Good luck and carry on, mister!

27 August 2010

For his unwavering service to his ship and to his region, I hereby advance Charles Robinson to the grade of Lieutenant (junior grade) and is afforded all rights, responsibilities, and privileges afforded such rank and grade.

Excellent work, Lieutenant Robinson! Keep it up!

In Service,
BGEN Gary "Tiny" Hollifield, Jr.
Commanding Officer, USS Jaresh-Inyo

President of the United Federation of Planets

Jaresh-Inyo (c. 2372)

In 2372, the post was held by Jaresh-Inyo, a Grazerite. His presidency was marked by a number of troubling foreign and domestic policy developments, including the dissolution of the Khitomer Accords and an undeclared war with the Klingon Empire in 2372, increasing tensions with the Dominion, and the rise of the Maquis. 

In 2372, fears of Changeling infiltration of the Federation government reached a high point when Dominion agents were discovered to have detonated a bomb at a diplomatic conference between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire in Antwerp. Starfleet Admiral and Chief of Starfleet Operations Leyton and Captain Benjamin Sisko advocated increased security on Earth following the bombing, and when the planetary power grid was disabled, Inyo declared martial law on the capital planet. Later, it was discovered that the grid had been disabled by Leyton's own agents, and that Leyton was leading an attempted military coup d'etat against the Federation civilian government. Leyton's coup was thwarted by Sisko, but as a result of the scandal, Jaresh-Inyo's political career ended. (DS9: "Homefront", "Paradise Lost") 

Jaresh-Inyo left office sometime prior to 2375. While questioning Luther Sloan, Julian Bashir discovered that Section 31 had an operative working in Jaresh-Inyo's cabinet. (DS9: "Extreme Measures") 

The novel Articles of the Federation establishes that Jaresh-Inyo died in May of 2380, being remembered as a great "peace-time president" being credited with the expansion of civil rights for sentient beings, and the opening of diplomatic relations with the Children of Tama, but not one suited for the job when war with the Dominion became inevitable.



Commanding Officer
BGN Gary Hollifield, Jr.

Executive Officer
CMDR Cory Whorton

Second Officer
CAPT Glenna Juilfs

Third Officer
RADM Valerie Rose

Chief of Communications/Counselor
CAPT/COL Glenna M. Juilfs

Chief of Operations
LCDR Cory Whorton

Chief of Computer Operations
LTjg Richard McCreery

Chief of Engineering
RADM Valerie Rose

Chief Medical Officer
CAPT Samuel Cummings

Chief Science Officer/Marine OIC
CMDR/LTC Patrick Litton

Chief of Security
LT Jonathon Neale

Chief of Strategic Operations
LTjg David Stayduhar

Cadet Corps Commandant
COL Gary Hollifield, Sr.

Marine DOIC
COL Christina Doane

Morale Officer
FCPT James Whatley

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