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USS Jaresh-Inyo is a Paragould, Arkansas based chapter of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.  With a Star Trek theme, we are a science fiction fan club.

Jaresh-Inyo is a correspondence based chapter of STARFLEET assigned to Region 12 encompassing Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  We were commissioned on Stardate 2009.256.

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USS Jaresh-Inyo


Captain Glenna M. Juilfs

30 September 2011

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Family,

I won't make this long and drawn out. Effective today, I am transferring command to Captain Glenna Juilfs as your new Commanding Officer. I asked Captain Whorton since he was next in the chain and he, like me, has a plateful of real life things to deal with so he politely declined. I respect a person who knows when he has enough to deal with.

There is not one single person here who has forced me to make this decision, and PLEASE do not take this personally ANYONE. I am focusing on school and I have let you all down in the past few months and THAT is what forced my decision. 

This will be my last email to this group as your Commanding Officer, and I have sincerely enjoyed the past year and a half with all of you. But, as Douglas Adams one time said "So long, and thanks for all the fish!"

Computer, transfer all command codes to Juilfs, Captain Glenna, voice authorization Tiny Three Three Alpha Tango.

Captain Juilfs, I stand relieved.

In Service,
MGEN Gary "Tiny" Hollifield, Jr.
Commanding Officer, USS Jaresh-Inyo
Professional Development Director, SFMC-A
Leadership Development Director, SFMC-A
Deputy Commanding Officer - Doctrine, TRACOM

As I have just been made interim-director of the Arkansas Parks and Tourism it would be in the ships best interest for me to remain 1st Officer and pass on the command. ( will riker move)


MGEN Gary Hollifield Jr. You are relieved.

<Heavy Sigh>

We will miss you, Gary, very much. 

This would not be my first choice to do. I've been there, done that. Although I really don't feel I can do proper justice to the position at this time, I am willing to be "acting" CO until someone else can take over [after all I will soon be 64 and I feel we need younger heads at the helm]. That said, I hereby open the position to applications.

Applicants must have both OTS & OCC {or at least OTS & agreement to take OCC within 3 months of appointment]. An Election will be held for membership approval of applicants, or a Vote-Of-Confidence in the case of only one applicant.

The application should include, but is not limited to, the following:


LIST ANY ACADEMY SCHOOLS YOU HAVE PASSED (Please have copies of diplomas or certificates available):

LIST AWARDS, CITATIONS, ETC. you have received:

List the reasons you are applying:

List some of the plans you have if awarded this position:

Please tell about yourself. (Outside of the club) List any activities that you think make you more qualified for the position.:

The appropriate sections of the Starfleet Handbook are as follows:

Starfleet Membership Handbook
January 2011 Edition

Section 05:01

Correspondence Chapters -These chapters are either electronic or correspondence chapters, and are designed for members who either do not live close to, or choose not to participate in, a meeting chapter. Club business is conducted through postal mail and e-mail. Correspondence Chapters may be electronic (internet and Bulletin Board System), postal mail, or a combination of the two. Correspondence Chapters report to the Regional Coordinator of the Region in which their Commanding Officer resides. For further information on these types of chapters, contact the Correspondence Chapter Operations Department.

Section 05:05

The Chapter Chairperson, also known as the chapter Commanding Officer (CO), plays an extremely important role in the day-to-day operations of STARFLEET. The CO represents STARFLEET to the members of their chapter, and likewise, through regular reports, represents the opinions and needs of their members to STARFLEET. A CO of a chapter-intraining is required to be a graduate of the Officer Training School (OTS), while the CO of a chapter must be a graduate of both OTS and the Officer Command College (OCC).

COs serve as the leaders and administrators of the local chapters, and may be involved with organizing chapter activities, administering policy, and developing chapter projects and operations. Chapter members should expect their CO to be familiar with STARFLEET policy, operations, and current events, and should recognize the CO as a resource for information and issue resolution. COs have the authority to grant promotions to their chapter members up to and including the grade of O-5, and may demote members within those same grades.

Chapters are encouraged to develop and ratify their own operational procedures for election and retention of COs, so long as those procedures do not contradict STARFLEET’s Bylaws or policies. The CO is responsible for naming all chapter appointments, including Executive Officer (XO), department heads, etc. (Like the CO, the XO of a chapter-in-training is required to be an OTS graduate, and the XO of a chapter is required to be both an OTS and OCC graduate.) The CO is ultimately responsible for chapter finances.

Get the Relief You Need
by Jane Powell

“With balance comes contentment.”

Are you pressured by juggling all the different roles in life? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the competing demands on you? If so, it’s time to reassess your priorities and bring things back into perspective.

When your well-being is forced to take a back seat, burn out becomes a driving force. Not only are you doing a disservice to yourself but those around you suffer too.

The key to overcoming burn out is to carve out some “you” time in your day. Start by delegating household tasks to other family members. Yes, you may have to settle for less than a perfect home, but so what. The goal is to lessen your burden so that you can rediscover the balance your body needs.

Aim to create a more balanced and happier lifestyle and serenity will follow.

Happiness Comes From Giving

This story is about a beautiful, expensively dressed lady who complained to her psychiatrist that she felt that her whole life was empty; it had no meaning. So the counselor called over the old lady who cleaned the office floors, and then said to the rich lady, "I'm going to ask Mary here to tell you how she found happiness. All I want you to do is listen."

So the old lady put down her broom and sat on a chair and told her story: "Well, my husband died of malaria and three months later my only son was killed by a car. I had nobody... I had nothing left. I couldn't sleep; I couldn't eat; I never smiled at anyone, I even thought of taking my own life. Then one evening a little kitten followed me home from work. Somehow I felt sorry for that kitten. It was cold outside, so I decided to let the kitten in. I got it some milk, and it licked the plate clean. Then it purred and rubbed against my leg, and for the first time in months, I smiled. Then I stopped to think; if helping a little kitten could make me smile, maybe doing something for people could make me happy. So the next day I baked some biscuits and took them to a neighbor who was sick in bed. Every day I tried to do something nice for someone. It made me so happy to see them happy. Today, I don't know of anybody who sleeps and eats better than I do. I've found happiness, by giving it to others."

When she heard that, the rich lady cried. She had everything that money could buy, but she had lost the things which money cannot buy.

Happiness is when you want everything you have, not when you have everything you want.


The path between wanting and having is doing. To stop just wanting, and begin having, then start doing.

The greatest, most well-conceived plans are worthless if they’re not acted upon. If it’s going to happen, someone must make it happen.

All sorts of outstanding opportunities are open to the person who is willing to take action. Be that person, take that action, with commitment and persistence, and reap the valuable rewards of fulfilling those opportunities.

You don’t have to be a world-renowned genius to be smart enough to take action. You don’t need anyone’s permission to act on your dream.

You must simply do it. Figure out what has to happen and take complete responsibility for making it happen.

Anything you truly desire is within your reach. Simply stand up, lift up your commitment, lift up your spirit, lift up your arms and do precisely that -- reach.

Ralph Marston


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As you know I was in the hospital for a time and after recovery time have had to play catch up. But I have not been totally silent. For those in the ship sim, I've emailed our web guy and he's currently trying to figure out how to make it so that more then 8 people can be on a post, we are a victim of our own success :) and have more then that. So if it is not fixed this week plan B is that I will start 2 posts they will be exactly the same, I will make sure they are both current so everyone can see what everyone else is doing then I will post the final version, trust me it works in my head lol.

After voting and discussion it is decided to go with 'Knights of Justice' rather then 'Warriors'. It is felt that this sets a more proper tone for how the unit wishes to represent itself. When Gary is able our next step is to seek approval from the Chapter CO then I will forward it to our Brigade OIC for review, hopefully it will be approved soon. Book lists due next month.

As for those whom I am working on projects with, I am catching up slowly but surely however if you want to send me a reminder please do so :).

Christina Doane
Marine OIC

I would like to remind all marines that your reading list for the MARINE READING CHALLENGE is due by the end of the month (January, March, May, July, September, November). This would mean for the months of February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November, December/January. I would encourage ALL Marines to become involved in this challenge. I know you read, so why not enter the challenge? Any book or audio book is fair game. Here is an opportunity to show the 12th BDE that we are Reading Warriors! There is a reading challenge list form on the WOJ list page, in the document section. Any questions, please contact me.


FINALLY!: Walter Koenig gets his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—and perhaps makes history?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just today, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce finally righted a long-standing wrong—and made history, we think!— with the release of its 2011 honorees for a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And so Walter Koenig finally completes the original TOS crew with the iconic honor, included in a list of music, TV and film stars released today.
About [bleep] time. I'm so tempted to scream or throw in a Russian joke here, but I'll resist. Instead, I'll just sneak-peek a still here from Walter's sit-down for our The Con of Wrath to celebrate—and remind everyone also of Walter's malevolent, multi-leveled Psi cop Bester on Babylon 5, to boot. The Star honor was long overdue ... and delayed, some say, by the late beloved  Hollywood chamber president Johnny Grant's disinterest in letting the complete Star Trek cast all be repped on the famous pavement. Fans have kept the campaign amped up ever since the early 2000s, though, and Walter even edited this poke-fun parody on the issue back in 2008, thanks to his New Voyages/Phase II reprise as Chekov:

Well, now it's all moot. Walter was among a class of 25 honorees today that also included Adam West of Batman TV fame!, and Treklander Malcolm "Dr. Soran" McDowell of Generations. Honorees have up to five years to organize and schedule their star ceremony, and we just can't wait for that one! The most recent Trek-related star unveiling we attended was the bash for MIcheal Westmore and his celebrated family of make-up mavens in 2009.

Again, congrats to Walter and congrats to classic Trek! How many other ensemble TV shows can brag of such an honor for their entire cast?


With the continuing heat wave the majority of the US is experiencing this week, it's extremely important that everyone be aware of heat injuries. The most vulnerable groups are young children and the elderly. Below are the signs and ways to treat heat injuries. But remember, seeking medical treatment is imperative, especially with the elderly and the young.

A. Heat injuries are environmental injuries. They may result when a person - 
1). Is exposed to extreme heat, such as from the sun or high temperatures.
2). Does not wear proper clothing
3). Is inside closed spaces without climate control
B. Heat injury can be divided into three categories: heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.
C. Everyone should be able to recognize and give first aid for heat injuries.

The heat injury victim should be continually monitored for development of conditions which may require the performance of necessary basic lifesaving measures. Salt or saline solutions should never be used in first aid procedures for heat injuries.

Heat Cramps
1. Signs and symptoms. Cramping is caused by an imbalance of electrolytes in the body as a result of excessive sweating. This condition causes the victim to exhibit the following:
-Cramping in the extremities (arms and legs).
-Abdominal (stomach) cramps.
-Excessive sweating
Note that thirst may or may not occur
2. First aid measures:
-Move the victim to a cool, shady area or improvise shade if none is available.
-Loosen the clothing
-Have the victim slowly drink at least one quart of water.
Note that the body absorbs cool water faster than warm or cold water
-Seek medical assistance should cramps continue

Heat Exhaustion
1. Signs and symptoms. Heat exhaustion is caused by loss of body fluids (dehydration) through sweating without adequate fluid replacement. It can occur in an otherwise fit individual who is involved in physical exertion in any hot environment, especially if the victim is not acclimated to that environment. The signs and symptoms are:
-Excessive sweating with pale, moist, cool skin
-Loss of appetite
-Nausea (with or without vomiting)
-Urge to defecate
-Chills (gooseflesh)
-Rapid breathing
-Tingling of hands and/or feet

2. First aid measures:
-Move the victim to a cool, shady area or improvise shade if none is available
-Loosen or remove victims clothing, pour water on them and fan them.
-Have the victim slowly drink at least one quart of water
-Elevate the victims legs
-Cease any strenuous activity for the remainder of the day.
-Monitor the victim until the symptoms are gone or medical assistance arrives.

WARNING: Heatstroke is a medical emergency which may result in death if care is delayed.
1. Signs and symptoms. A victim suffering from heatstroke has been exposed to high temperatures such as direct sunlight or has been dressed in improper clothing, which causes the body temperature to rise. Heatstroke occurs more rapidly in people who are engaged in work or other physical activity in a high heat environment. Heatstroke is caused by a failure of the body's cooling mechanism which includes a decrease in the body's ability to produce sweat. 
-Skin is red (flushed), hot, and dry.
-Stomach pains or cramps
-Respiration may be rapid
-Pulse may be weak
-Unconsciousness and collapse may occur suddenly.
2. First aid measures:
-Move the victim to a cool, shady area or improvising shade if none is available.
-Loosen or remove clothing
-Spray or pour water on the victim, fanning them to permit the coolant effect of evaporation
-Massaging their extremities and skin, which increases the blood flow to those body areas, aiding the cooling process.
-Elevate their legs
-Having the victim slowly drink at least one quart of cool water if they are conscious
NOTE: Start cooling the casualty immediately. Continue cooling while awaiting medical treatment

Cmdr. Brian Mullins
Executive officer
MFS Exploration RSD - 41786


Well, I figured I would dive in and start a book review column for our newsletter.  It seemed appropriate as the ship’s librarian.  I am hoping to broaden what I review, but I figured I would start off with something easy …  a review of a new teen series that Simon & Schuster is putting out that presents the new Star Trek timeline characters during their Academy days.  Each book centers around a mystery of going on.  The mysteries are a little simpler, since they are presented for a younger audience, but the writing is pretty strong.  I would say it is written on an upper middle school level with the storylines and situations reflective of the high school experience.

Please let me know if you have any other themes you would like me to explore with future newsletter columns.  I am always up for a good book, and I definitely love sharing what I read with others!

The Delta Anomaly by Rick Barba, Simon Spotlight: New York, 2010, 223 pages, 9781442412415.

The Star Trek franchise had a major reboot thanks to the most recent film, which carried the name of the series as its title, by J.J. Abrams. Jumping back in time as well as an alternate timeline, the famous characters that set the stage with the original series are introduced to viewers during their early years of training at Starfleet Academy.

Books have always played a major role with many Star Trek fans, and it seems like that will be continuing as their is now a series being published for teens (young adults) that really focuses on the characters in events that occurred prior to the film. This is the first book in the series.

While it is an alternate timeline, much is the same for the original crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Cadet James Kirk has easy connections with the ladies and a true talent for leadership. Leonard "Bones" McCoy is a curmudgeon (though, young for the time being) with a major talent in medicine. Spock is reserved, yet knowledgeable as a recent graduate of the Academy.

While Kirk is focusing on a series of team-based roleplaying exams to show that he is the best in this crop of cadets, a series of murders seems to be hitting San Francisco in the area around the academy. The victims seem to be missing organs, but their bodies show no signs of being cut to provide access to remove the organs. This would seem to parallel a series of murders that took place decades earlier and assigned to the "Doctor," and unidentified serial murder who was never caught.

Jim and Bones, as well as a few of their friends, are able to intervene when Uhura's Orion friend is attacked. They are able to stop the girl from being killed. This also provides them with some clues that will allow the cadet team to sort out what might be going on. Bones finds a mysterious, ashy substance that is really more than it seems to be. And some recordings that were captured by 911 calls captured some spoken words from the assailant that Uhura's talents in xenolingquistics might provide even more information.

It doesn't take long for McCoy and a team of Federation scientists to sort out that the ashy substance is not the result of smoke or fire, but are actually tiny nanobots that are able to slide through the cells in the body on the orders of the mysterious Doctor. The question is why the killer wants to do that and who he really is.

Barba has done a nice job of capturing the feel of the original characters, and the book is filled with sequences of action and interesting looks into the minds of familiar characters. In some ways, this helps explain a romantic relationship first explored in the recent film. The mystery also provides a surprising sneak peak into a major enemy that was originally introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation and further explored in Star Trek: Voyager. That element is presented by masterfully not made clear until the concluding pages of the book.

At times, the writing is overly simplistic, even when taking into account the fact that the book is written for a younger audience. In fact, the reading level is probably closer to the upper-elementary or middle school reading level rather than for older teens. This also explains why a group of cadets seem to play such an important role in the mystery when they are surrounded by experts from all fields with ties to Starfleet and the San Francisco Police Department. With that said, it is easy to let go of things like that and just sit back and enjoy the tale.

This is a pretty good premier title to the series. While it could have been better, it definitely has me looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

The Edge by Rudy Josephs, Simon Spotlight: New York, 2010, 149 pages, 9781442414082.

While this is the second book in this new "Star Trek" series for teens, it really jumps back in time to the point when Jim Kirk and his classmates are starting off at the Academy. It quickly becomes clear that their time at the Academy is going to be filled with all sorts of challenges, both physical and intellectual. It starts off with a race across the desert in which only one of the plebes, or freshman, will be winner. Everyone else might as well not matter. Knowing Kirk as we all do, this will be an important race, but can he recover from being beaten by an Andorian cadet with a bloated ego?

One good thing about the race is that it gives him an opportunity to get to know one of the other cadets a bit better, and the two quickly find themselves with a budding relationship.

Love and academics are not the only thing that will be challenging our favorite cadets. When one of the new plebes ends up being found dead by his roommate, previously mentioned egotistical Andorian, Starfleet gets a little suspicious. His body exhibits signs that he was suffering from a large number of internal injuries that occurred over a number of weeks. Bones McCoy notices some indications that this might be due to the fact that the young man had some sort of procedure to weaken the young man's pain receptors, allowing him not to be held back from injuries.

When another cadet, this time a friend of Uhura's, collapses, it starts to become clear that a number of plebes both from this year and earlier years have been having different procedures to help them with the rigorous curriculum at the Academy. Can Kirk and the gang figure out what is going on and who is doing it before someone else turns up dead?

This book moves a little more slowly than the previous book in the series. While that one definitely focused more on the mystery at the core of the plot, this one tries to give the primary characters (Kirk, Bones, and Uhura) a chance to have some character development with the characters around them. In a number of ways, Josephs is successful. Kirk's involvement with his girlfriend really forces him to consider what will make a successful student, and later a successful officer and question his rebellious past.

Similarly, Uhura finds herself looking for some quiet space to study only to run into Commander Spock, providing readers with an opportunity to see how their relationship got its start in this alternate timeline that started with the 2009 film. I do have to say I thought the previous volume was a bit stronger, but that didn't stop me from finishing this up in just a couple of days in two sittings. It is definitely worth the read.

Starfleet Academy: Gemini Agent by Rick Barba, Simon Spotlight: New York, 2011, 195 pages, 1442413425.  

In this third novel in a teen series dedicated to the Academy years of our favorite Star Trek characters in the reboot timeline, brings the Romulans front and center. The future Enterprise crew is finishing up their freshman year at the Academy and are readying up for the big Zeta mission, an opportunity for everyone to fill in as "real" officers on vessels during a fictional assignment. Kirk is hoping to command one of the major vessels, and everyone else is hoping to have their choice picks as well.

That is made more complicated for Jim Kirk after an odd health scare that seems to leave him with a missing block of time and some sort of condition that includes a revving up of his vitals. During the same time he experienced his blackout, he went missing, and he is accused of committing various acts that are both illegal and inappropriate for a cadet to do. This includes a dangerous attack on a fellow student (Cadet Chekov), who almost dies when his dorm room turns against him.

Woven throughout the tale, is a series of mysterious scenes set on Romulus in which a scientist that is part of the Jolan movement for peace is working with an undercover agent on Earth to learn more about what danger the humans and their Federation allies pose against the Star Empire. This sets up an interesting counterpoint to the troubles Kirk is facing because it quickly becomes evident that they are two sides of the same story.

Uhura continues to find her relationship with Spock developing, though they are very clearly still friends. With that said, it should come as no surprise that they clearly are moving beyond the roles of mentor and student and a mutual respect for each other's talents.

Kirk finds romance, as usual. This time the lady takes on the form of a young Vulcan woman who has an interesting disposition. Since her father was an ambassador to a number of different worlds, she grew up in a less-than-traditional Vulcan home. Without the guidance of her mother, who died when she was young; her father's busy career, and constant exposure to other, more emotional cultures, T'Lara often comes across as being more human than Vulcan.

Starfleet Intelligence starts to take an interest in Jim Kirk as it becomes clear that the blackouts might be tied to some Romulan transmissions from Earth. Lt. Caan, acting under the guise of Section 31, becomes involved with the investigation. She is not sure that Kirk is really guilty of the charges being placed against him. Along with her help, McCoy, Uhura, and T'Lara will help to find proof that Kirk is innocent and that someone else is working with the Romulans for some unknown reason.

It is interesting that this homage to Star Trek has taken on the form of futuristic mysteries, but overall the trend seems to be working. The characters are definitely familiar to fans, and the book does a great job of developing them a little further. The mystery is a bit simplistic. I was able to figure out the Romulan agent almost immediately, but I think that the actual mystery is less important in this case than the opportunity it provides the primary and secondary characters to develop. I am looking forward to reading future books in the series.


Lakota Creation Myth

A Lakota Legend

There was another world before this one. But the people of that world did not behave themselves. Displeased, the Creating Power set out to make a new world. He sang several songs to bring rain, which poured stronger with each song.

As he sang the fourth song, the earth split apart and water gushed up through the many cracks, causing a flood. By the time the rain stopped, all of the people and nearly all of the animals had drowned. Only Kangi the crow survived.

Kangi pleaded with the Creating Power to make him a new place to rest. So the Creating Power decided the time had come to make his new world. From his huge pipe bag, which contained all types of animals and birds, the Creating Power selected four animals known for their ability to remain under water for a long time. He sent each in turn to retrieve a lump of mud from beneath the flood waters. First the loon dove deep into the dark waters, but it was unable to reach the bottom. The otter, even with its strong webbed feet, also failed. Next, the beaver used its large flat tail to propel itself deep under the water, but it too brought nothing back. Finally, the Creating Power took the turtle from his pipe bag and urged it to bring back some mud.

Turtle stayed under the water for so long that everyone was sure it had drowned. Then, with a splash, the turtle broke the water's surface! Mud filled its feet and claws and the cracks between its upper and lower shells. Singing, the Creating Power shaped the mud in his hands and spread it on the water, where it was just big enough for himself and the crow. He then shook two long eagle wing feathers over the mud until earth spread wide and varied, overcoming the waters. Feeling sadness for the dry land, the Creating Power cried tears that became oceans, streams, and lakes. He named the new land Turtle Continent in honor of the turtle who provided the mud from which it was formed.

The Creating Power then took many animals and birds from his great pipe bag and spread them across the earth. From red, white, black, and yellow earth, he made men and women. The Creating Power gave the people his sacred pipe and told them to live by it. He warned them about the fate of the people who came before them. He promised all would be well if all living things learned to live in harmony. But the world would be destroyed again if they made it bad and ugly.



NZ mourns death of Shrek
the famously shaggy sheep

AP FILE - In this April 28, 2004 file
Shrek the 9-year-old merino wether

New Zealanders were mourning the loss of the country's most famous sheep Tuesday, a shaggy national icon named Shrek who was renowned for avoiding being shorn for years.

Shrek captured the public's imagination in 2004 after he evaded the annual shearing roundups for the previous seven years by hiding in caves on his farm on the South Island. When finally found, he was clad in an astonishing 60 pounds (27 kilograms) of wool.

That's about five times a typically annual shearing from Shrek's breed, the Merino sheep prized for some of the softest wool.

In a country where sheep outnumber people by nearly 10 to one, Shrek's story of stubbornness and guile appealed to many. After his capture, Shrek was shorn on live TV in a broadcast that was picked up around the world. His story inspired three books.

"He was quite an elderly statesman," said owner John Perriam. "He taught us a lot."

Until becoming sick three weeks ago, Shrek toured the country, commanding $16,000 for appearances and getting the star treatment wherever he went. In one appearance, Shrek was shorn atop a large iceberg that was floating near the South Island coast.

Shrek was one of about 17,000 sheep on the the 27,000-acre (11,000-hectare) Bendigo farm in the small town of Tarras. Perriam believes Shrek was able to survive the winters and avoid detection by moving about a series of sheltered caves and by munching on small native shrubs.

"It's bizarre that we missed him seven years in a row," Perriam said. "But from his point of view, it was the perfect environment."

After Shrek became a star, Perriam gave him his own barn and showroom. Shrek even had a personal caregiver look after him when he became sick, before the sheep was euthanized Monday at age 17.

Perriam said that as well as laying claim to being New Zealand's woolliest sheep, Shrek may also have been its oldest. Most sheep live for no more than six years before being slaughtered.

Since Shrek's death, tributes have been pouring in online, including on the Facebook page "R.I.P Shrek the Sheep."

Perriam is planning a funeral service and will ask a friend to scatter Shrek's ashes atop Mt. Cook, New Zealand's tallest mountain.

President of the United Federation of Planets

Jaresh-Inyo (c. 2372)

In 2372, the post was held by Jaresh-Inyo, a Grazerite. His presidency was marked by a number of troubling foreign and domestic policy developments, including the dissolution of the Khitomer Accords and an undeclared war with the Klingon Empire in 2372, increasing tensions with the Dominion, and the rise of the Maquis. 

In 2372, fears of Changeling infiltration of the Federation government reached a high point when Dominion agents were discovered to have detonated a bomb at a diplomatic conference between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire in Antwerp. Starfleet Admiral and Chief of Starfleet Operations Leyton and Captain Benjamin Sisko advocated increased security on Earth following the bombing, and when the planetary power grid was disabled, Inyo declared martial law on the capital planet. Later, it was discovered that the grid had been disabled by Leyton's own agents, and that Leyton was leading an attempted military coup d'etat against the Federation civilian government. Leyton's coup was thwarted by Sisko, but as a result of the scandal, Jaresh-Inyo's political career ended. (DS9: "Homefront", "Paradise Lost") 

Jaresh-Inyo left office sometime prior to 2375. While questioning Luther Sloan, Julian Bashir discovered that Section 31 had an operative working in Jaresh-Inyo's cabinet. (DS9: "Extreme Measures") 

The novel " Articles of the Federation" establishes that Jaresh-Inyo died in May of 2380, being remembered as a great "peace-time president" being credited with the expansion of civil rights for sentient beings, and the opening of diplomatic relations with the Children of Tama, but not one suited for the job when war with the Dominion became inevitable.


Commanding Officer/Chief of Communications/Counselor
CAPT/COL Glenna M. Juilfs

Executive Officer/Chief of Operations
CMDR Cory Whorton

Chief Science Officer
LTC Robert Towne

Marine OIC
COL Christina Doane

Chief of Computer Operations
LTjg Richard McCreery

Chief of Engineering
LT Charles Robinson

Chief of Security
LT Jonathon Neale

Chief Medical Officer
LTC Tina Davis

Chief Flight Surgeon
CAPT Samuel Cummings

Chief of Strategic Operations
LTjg David Stayduhar

Marine DOIC
LTC Tina Davis

Morale Officer
FCPT James Whatley

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